Hotel B & B Haus Arenberg

Nestled on the hillside in verdant surroundings, this city hotel in the heart of Salzburg has been under the ownership of the Leobacher family since 1966. The guest takes centre-stage here every day, and is given personal attention, an excellent standard of service and genuinely cordial treatment.

Friendly welcome in the house Arenberg
The hostess Gabriele Leobacher at the reception

Under family ownership for over half a century

The Leobacher family has been managing the hotel for two generations. Haus Arenberg was built by Hans and Herta Leobacher in 1966, and was run congenially by Herta Leobacher until 1999. Her daughter, the current owner and host Gabriele Leobacher, took over the bed and breakfast hotel in 2000, and has run it lovingly with her team ever since.

Namesake Schloss Arenberg

The hotel takes its name from the stately home nearby, Schloss Arenberg, which was acquired by the local nobles of the Arenberg family at the beginning of the 17th century. The comprehensive renovation of the entire estate conducted at the time gave the building and grounds their current appearance. When the mansion was sold, a number of adjoining properties and pieces of land were also put up for sale. However, the area around the mansion retained the name ‘Arenberg’, a denomination familiar to the people of Salzburg – then and now.

Excellent care and catering with personal service

Hotel Haus Arenberg has stood for great hospitality in all its facets for over 50 years, and this dedication is felt by every single guest. Hotel manager Gabriele Leobacher and her family deal with every request and inquiry in person, and there is very little she won’t try to delight their guests. This attentive hospitality comes naturally to Gabriele. Before she took over the hotel from her father, she spent 17 years in travel agencies and hotels. Above all, what she loves about her job is its diversity. Every day is different – every guest is unique.

In the heart of the city of Salzburg with magnificent sweeping views

Everyone enjoys the warm, friendly and familiar atmosphere here, feels welcome, excellently looked-after, and several guests come back again and again. Indeed, many of the guests of this bed and breakfast hotel in downtown Salzburg are regular visitors. Cordial hospitality is complemented by the unique beauty and peace of the location up on a verdant area of the Kapuzinerberg hillside, surrounded by many other villas, with magnificent views of the Salzburg mountains – and just a couple of minutes’ walk from the old town of Salzburg and its many fascinating sights.

Hotel Haus Arenberg – A „Private City Hotel”

The benefits offered by members of the “Private City Hotel cooperative”include the fact that every single venue has its own distinct personality, a wonderful family atmosphere and guarantees superior standards. Private City Hotels is an association of successful, privately-owned boutique hotels. These hotels offer a stark contrast to faceless anonymity and purposeless over-efficiency of many operations. Guests benefit from the strong personal involvement of staff, the feeling of authenticity, and the sense of coming home to a unique place – while being able to rely on superior quality and unwavering standards.